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The question is often asked: What exactly are those Divinely revealed truths from Sacred Tradition that were neither clearly nor explicitly stated in Holy Scripture but which the Catholic Church considers part of the Faith? This webpage will attempt to answer this question. The list below is not claimed to be complete and will be expanded in future editions of this website. The evidence for these revealed teachings is found mostly in the writings of the Fathers, but some may also be found in the documents of the Church, the Liturgy, and other monuments of Sacred Tradition. Click the buttons below to read the discussion on each topic:


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Apostolic Succession *
Papal Infallibility *
The AntiChrist *
Numbering of the Ten Commandments *
Immorality of Abortion/Contraception *
Baptism and Its Effects *
Salvation Outside the Church *
The Sacrifice of the Mass*
The Real Presence *
Women and the Priesthood *

The Coronation of Mary

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