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  • The above websites are some sources of free and public domain images. Some of the artwork in these websites may be copyrighted, but very many of them are public domain and free. Just be sure to check the status of the artwork and read the copyright/licensing information before re-using them in your project. Note that some countries have different copyright protection laws. For example, a work of art may be public domain in the US, but not in Mexico. 

  • In general, even copyrighted images may be used in the U.S. freely for non-commercial and educational purposes, provided that the image is not altered in any way and that credit is given to the owners or copyright holders by way of attribution. This is in accordance with the "fair use" doctrine of the United States copyright law. There may be other licensing requirements; therefore, it is best to check a website's "Terms of Use" or copyright information before re-using any image from that website into your project.

  • Even if an image is already in the public domain, it is recommended that the original source or author of an image be credited to give correct provenance.

  • Some of the artwork displayed in the above websites may contain nudity; so, caution is advised.

  • Not all images were created by Catholic artists, although many were made by fellow Christians. Also, some images may not be factually correct. Therefore, discernment is advised.