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The Reason for this Webpage

Below are two catechisms I wrote mainly for my grandchildren. One, My Little Catechism, is for beginners (up to Grade 4) and the other, My Free Catechism, is for older children and young adults. I have now decided to make these materials or "books" available also to other parents who feel the need to supplement the catechetical instruction that their children receive in school with something that has a more systematic approach.


Let me explain what prompted me to write these catechisms in the first place. I noticed that the books that my children and grandchildren have been using in school, while rich in salvation history, are somewhat weak in dogma, and the children seem to have a difficult time learning and retaining the fundamentals of the faith even after several years of religious instruction.  So, I thought I'd write a supplementary catechetical material that would have a more systematic and dogmatic approach. For this purpose I decided to use a Question and Answer format, similar to the catechism I myself used when I was little. I figured that if it worked for me and for millions of other children a few generations ago, then it should work for my grandchildren as well. Below are the results of my effort to write the children's catechisms.


Just click the download buttons below and your pdf reader should automatically open the desired document for you. You may then save the documents in your computer. These pdf files may be printed or uploaded to most children's iPod or tablet. Many older children have a computer tablet that they use for games. Once the books are uploaded to their tablets, the children can access their catechism as easily as they can activate their games.

I wrote these books solely for educational, home use, assuming parents will also help the children by further clarifying or explaining whatever they find unclear, or by answering children's questions. The first three books below have already been reviewed by the Church for conformance with Catholic teaching, and have an Imprimatur. The other three are still being reviewed by the Church.


Please feel free to download, copy and share these books with other parents or friends. Just make sure that you don't charge anything for their use. You received them freely, so give them away freely.

For beginners up to Grade 4, or for those preparing for First Confession and First Communion:


For older children and young adults: (The buttons below are not yet functional because the books are still being reviewed by the Church. The books will be available soon.)

The Apostles' Creed

The Sacraments

The Commandments

Prayer and Christian Perfection

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