1.  Unless otherwise indicated, all biblical quotations in this website are from the Douay-Challoner-Rheims (DCR) version of the Bible, with minor edits to update the English. Although the author has a preference for the DCR Bible, he does not use the DCR translation exclusively. If another version is used in the text, the abbreviation for the Bible’s name (RKB = Ronald Knox Bible; CNT = Confraternity NT Bible, etc.) will be included in the citation reference. For example, "NABRE Heb 1:1" means New American Bible Revised Edition, Hebrews Chapter 1, verse 1.

2. The following abbreviations for the books of the Bible will be adopted in this website:

Icon of Jesus among the Doctors, (Mstera c. 1800)

Luke 2:46

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3.  The numbering of the Psalms in the Douay, Greek and Latin Bibles differ from the numbering of the Psalms found in the Hebrew and most modern English versions. For example, Ps 23 in the Douay is Ps 24 in the New American Bible or the Revised Standard Version. The chart below shows the differences in the numbering:

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