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The mission of this website is to help the reader deepen his or her understanding of the Catholic Faith. It is, therefore, written for those who already have some knowledge of the Catholic Faith but who want to go deeper. This website started as a collection of notes I composed in the course of my studies and research. I thought that it was a good idea to share this collection with people of similar interests.


I am Catholic and have studied in Catholic schools. I am also a member of the Lay Fraternities of Saint Dominic, which is a branch of the Order of Preachers. However, I own this website exclusively. It is neither owned by the Catholic Church nor by the Dominican Order. I composed and produced all the essays, blogs, charts, and diagrams on this website. Although every effort has been made to present the science of theology and allied subjects in conformity with the Church Magisterium, the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own. Therefore, any error, omission, or legal infraction detected on this website is my sole responsibility and does not implicate the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic or the Order of Preachers.

This website contains links to other websites on the internet. This is done to provide references and additional background information on the topic being discussed. However, I am not responsible for any errors contained in the other websites or sources used as references. I exercised judgment in using resources furnished by non-Catholic Christian groups and limited my use of their resources to archaeological articles, Bible maps, and book illustrations that do not conflict with Catholic doctrine. My hyperlink to a Christian website, if any, does not imply my endorsement of the theological views, opinions, and beliefs of that website.

Most of the vector images used on this site were obtained from I believe that most of the other images used here are also in the public domain here in the U.S. or else fall under the "fair use" principle for copyrighted materials used for non-commercial and educational purposes (Title 17, U.S. Code §107). A link to the source or license of the images on this site, except the public domain vectors and thumbnail icons, is provided below each image to give appropriate credit to the source. I request that copyright holders promptly notify me if any copyright violation is detected so that corrective action can be taken. Any copyright violation must be reported in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 and Title 17 of the U.S. Code Section 512c(3).


I acknowledge that I used the wisdom accumulated by the Church in putting this website together. As a way of paying back for all the learning I gained from the Church, I am making my entire work available to the public without charge. The contents of this website are copyrighted but free. Anybody may freely copy, use, and distribute for non-commercial and educational purposes any text, chart, or diagram on this website, provided the text, diagram, or chart is not altered in any way and the user indicates its source as The pages on this website are meant to be used on the internet. Therefore, printing or making hard copies of web pages that contain copyrighted materials where the hyperlinks to the source and license information are broken or not preserved is prohibited. Readers who wish to re-use the images, photos, or pictures in their specific projects must read the information page that contains the source, copyright status, and license for each image before re-using them. A link to the source or license is provided below each image on this website.


Readers may email their comments and feedback, or report broken links and any copyright violations, to or through the contact pageRegrettably, I cannot respond to all emails received. This site is still under construction, and I am still busy editing material on existing pages and adding new ones. However, I plan to add a Q & A subheading at the bottom of each web page to address questions from friends, family, and other readers that I have time to answer. 

This is a not-for-profit, educational website. There is no donate button.

"All you who thirst, come to the waters. And you who have no money make haste, buy, and eat. Come you, buy wine and milk without money, and without any price." 

Isa 55:1

"What is my reward then? That preaching the gospel, I may deliver the Gospel without charge ..."

1 Cor 9:18

The small cowper Madonna by Raphael.jpg

Madonna and Child

A painting by Raphael (1483–1520)

Image source link:

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