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The Big Question

In the previous pages, it was shown that divine revelation was both possible and necessary. But has divine revelation actually occurred? Is it real? This is the big question. Because if God is our loving Father, we would think that He would at least communicate with us and show us the way to His everlasting Kingdom, right? But did He? 


The simple answer is yes! We have records of God's revelation in the form of sacred writings known as the Holy Scriptures, or the Bible. The so-called Bible is not a single book but a collection of books bound into a single volume. Click the button below to see a listing of the books of the Bible.



However, don't be fooled! The mere existence of the Bible does not prove that divine revelation has occurred. To prove the fact that divine revelation has occurred, one must also show (a) that the Bible is reliable as a historical document, which means that it is a true record of facts and events, and (b) that it is of divine origin. Until the historical reliability and divine origin of the Bible are established, the fact or reality of divine revelation remains unproven.


The historical reliability and divine origin of the Holy Scriptures are discussed in separate sub-pages under the "Holy Scriptures" tab. They are both lengthy topics and would be a challenge to read. But all should read them before proceeding any further if they want to have confidence in the sources of their faith. A link to these sub-pages is provided in the buttons below:

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