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The Period of the Patriarchs

Anchor 2

The Period of the Exodus

Anchor 3

The Period of the Tribal Settlements

Anchor 4

The Period of the Judges

Anchor 5

The Kingdom of Saul

Anchor 6

The Empire of David and Solomon

Anchor 7

The Divided Kingdom to the Revolution of Jehu

Anchor 8

The Syrian Conquests in the Reign of Hazael

Anchor 9

The Assyrian Conquest of Syria

Anchor 10

The Period of Jeroboam II

Anchor 11

The Conquests of Tiglath-Pileser III

Anchor 12

The Fall of Israel and the Period of Hezekiah

Anchor 13

The Scythian Invasion and the Period of Josiah

Anchor 14

The Babylonian Period

The Babylonian Period

Anchor 15

The Period of the Exiles

Anchor 16

The Persian Period

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